Batemans Bay, South Coast,
New South Wales Australia
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About Batemans Bay NSW 2536

Batemans Bay, is a very popular community, business and holiday destination.

Also known as - The Bay - and for its beautiful, clean, pristine beaches and fishing bays.

Batemans Bay is located in the Eurobodalla Shire, (Nature Coast ) on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

- The Bay - is approx. 4 hours drive (South) from Sydney (285kms) and approx. 2 hours drive (South East) from Canberra (148kms).

Batemans Bay NSW 2536, includes the suburbs of -
Batehaven, Benandarah, Bimbimbie, Buckenbowra, Catalina, Currowan, Denhams Beach, Durras North, East Lynne, Guerilla Bay, Jeremadra, Lilli Pilli, Long Beach, Maloneys Beach, Malua Bay, Merricumbene, Mogo, Murrengenburg, Nelligen, North Batemans Bay, Rosedale, Runnyford, South Durras, Sunshine Bay, Surf Beach, Surfside and Woodlands.

Welcome to Batemans Bay pop.16,000
Population 16,000 @ October 2004
(Australian Bureau of Statistics)
Postcode 2536
Std Area Code 02
Shire Eurobodalla
State NSW - New South Wales
State Electorate Bega
(NSW Electoral Commission)
Federal Electorate Eden-Monaro Gilmore
(Australian Electoral Commission)
Country Australia

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Within 1 hours drive from the Bay

Distances and Travelling Times
between Batemans Bay Suburbs

(Via Princes Highway)

South Durras (Heading North) = 16.74km
Approx. Travel Time = 18 minutes

Murramarang (Heading North) = 28km
Approx. Travel Time = 29 minutes

Benandarah (Heading North) = 7km
Approx. Travel Time = 8 minutes

Nelligen = (then Via Kings Highway) 8.97km
Approx. Travel Time = 9 minutes

Mogo (Heading South) = 9.54km
Approx. Travel Time = 9 minutes

Broulee (Heading South) = 21.75km
Approx. Travel Time = 20 minutes

Distances and Travelling Times
between Batemans Bay Suburbs

(Heading South on the coast road via Beach Rd/George Bass Drive)

Catalina = 2.54km
Approx. Travel Time = 4 minutes

Batehaven = 3.7km
Approx. Travel Time = 6 minutes

Sunshine Bay = 5.71km
Approx. Travel Time = 10 minutes

Denhams Beach = 6.23km
Approx. Travel Time = 11 minutes

Surf Beach = 7.96km
Approx. Travel Time = 14 minutes

Lilli Pilli = 8.96km
Approx Travel Time = 15 minutes

Malua Bay = 11.45km
Approx. Travel Time = 19 minutes

Rosedale = 17.19km
Approx. Travel Time = 27 minutes

Guerilla Bay = 18.19km
Approx. Travel Time = 28 minutes

Broulee = 26.82km - Approx.
Travel Time = 40 minutes

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