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ABOUT bayinfo
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Bayinfo website has been a labour of love for the past 10 years for Holly Townsend,
the person behind the idea of Bayinfo - The Batemans Bay Community, Business and Holiday Information website.

Holly originally moved to Batemans Bay 35 years ago when she was a little girl.
Holly attended Batemans Bay Primary School and Moruya High School
(Batemans Bay did not have a High School back then)
Holly left the area for a while and returned to her hometown in 1995.

The Bayinfo website is the work of one person - HollyTownsend.

Holly commenced research and development
for a Batemans Bay Community Information Website in late 1997
with a name change and lots of design changes along the way
to finally become 'Bayinfo' as we know it today!

Through Holly's hard work and determination
she has focused on promoting the Batemans Bay area to the world
utilising today's modern technology - via the Internet.

Holly soley manages and maintains the Bayinfo website on a daily basis
providing current and up to date local news and information about the Batemans Bay area.

Bayinfo is locally owned and operated in Batemans Bay.
Bayinfo is a small, privately run project.

Bayinfo receives no Government grants or Government funding.
Bayinfo is funded privately by the support of local business advertisers.
All funds from our advertisers go to the fees associated with running the Bayinfo website including:-

Domain Name Renewal - Renewal - Every 2 Years
ISP Connection - Monthly Fee
Server Hosting - Monthly Fee
Bandwidth and Data Transfer - Monthly Fee
Software programs, Licences and Upgrades as required
Graphics Library - Yearly Fee
Website Design, Construction and Ongoing Daily Maintenance - Fortnightly Fee
Advertising and Marketing of the Bayinfo website
Administration, accounts and all other general associated costs etc.

Awards we have won include

2002 Batemans Bay Outstanding Business Awards
Winner: Holly Townsend
Category: Judges Discretion Special Recognition Award
- for Dedication and Innovative Service to Community Information
for Batemans Bay's Community Information Website

2005 Batemans Bay Outstanding Business Awards
Winner: Bayinfo
Category: Most Outstanding Home Operated Business

Thank you for your support
A very BIG THANK YOU! to all the businesses who advertise/promote their business on the Bayinfo website.

This allows us to keep delivering the Bayinfo website's information service
for the Batemans Bay Community, Business Sector and for visitors to Batemans Bay.

To advertise or promote your business at Bayinfo please contact
Holly Townsend

If you like the bayinfo website please support it by
Using our Bayinfo advertisers products and services - let them know that you found them via the Bayinfo website!
Telling your friends, family and colleagues about Bayinfo - we appreciate your referrals!
Advertising and promoting your business at Bayinfo - have your business found and noticed by many!

bayinfo - It's all about Batemans Bay

Bayinfo contains lots of information about Batemans Bay however,
we are not a Travel Agency and we are not the Batemans Bay Tourist and Visitor Information Centre.
Bayinfo does not send out any printed materials, brochures or maps etc.
You are very welcome
to use your own time to review or search the information made available on our website.