Batemans Bay, South Coast,
New South Wales Australia
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Batemans Bay History

Batemans Bay was named by Captain Cook, after Nathanial Bateman in April 1770. The first white settlers to the area built "Runnymede" homestead, beside Tunnyford Creek. It was destroyed by bush fires in 1904 but was later rebuilt. It can be viewed from the bridge at Runnyford. The Post Office was opened in early 1860 after Batemans Bay was surveyed and subdivided in 1841.

A private school was opened by John O'Reilly in 1872, however it became public in 1896. Mr W Islay was contracted to erect a new school in 1894 and the residence built in 1895/96. This school was purchased by the Country Women's Association and the public school moved to its present location in Vesper Street.

1876 was the downfall of crime in the area as the first Police Station was established.

Oyster leases and timber milling became the prime industry in the area with Guy's Mill being bought by the Perry family and turned into a spoke factory in 1901. The mill was in operation until the late 1970's.

Religion came to the town in 1911 with the opening of the Catholic Church followed by the Church of England and the Methodist in 1916.

Entertainment was launched in 1931 when Mr Ken Annetts opened the cinema.

The Bridge was started in 1948 but due to postwar shortages it wasn't completed until 21st November, 1956. Around the same time water, which came from Moruya, was supplied to the north side of the Clyde. It has been available to the south side since 1955. IN 1968 the water supply from Moruya dried up forcing the opening of a new dam - Deep Creek Dam which began supplying water in 1983.

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