Nippersville Child Care and Pre-School Centre
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540 Beach Road
Denhams Beach
Batemans Bay NSW 2536

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Phone: 02 - 4472 5949
Fax: 02 - 4472 5956

Monday - Friday - 7.30am - 6pm

Nicole Porter - Director
- Masters of Education
(Special Ed.)
- Bachelor of Education
(Special Ed.)
- Bachelor of Teaching
(Primary Ed.)
- Diploma of Children's Services

Staff Qualifications
2x Early Childhood Teachers
2x Diploma of Community Services
3x Certificate III Childcare
2x Qualified cooks
...and many more experienced staff.

Our Services
- High quality long day care
- High quality preschool program
- Nutritous cooked meals daily
- Warm, caring qualified staff
- Excursions
- Extracurricular celebrations
Christmas concert, disco etc.
- Involvement in local community
- After school care for ages 5 -10


SCANLACC - Additional Needs Children

Family Assistance - Child Care Benefit

Child Care NSW 

National Child Care Accreditation Council

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Nippersville Child Care and Pre-School Centre

This centre is privately owned and operated by Nicole Porter.

Nippersville Child Care and Pre-School Centre
Providing full educational and developmental programs for children from
6 weeks to school age.

Philosophy and Mission Statement
At Nippersville Childcare and Pre-School Centre we believe our service to be responsive and respectful to the uniqueness and individual needs of children:

Families & staff in regard to race, culture and gender.
Special needs and disability and family unit.

We aim to foster and develop this individuality as much as possible by equipping children who attend our centre with social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive skills that are developmentally appropriate to them and give them skills necessary to become effective individuals as well as group members.

Staff will treat children & families in a manner that will develop self worth and are valued as individuals. The staff at the Centre aim to develop a “partnership” with families to effectively develop each child’s individual program; allowing their goals to be achieved in a nurturing, loving and caring environment. Ultimately we aim to develop children who are self directing and continuous learners who are able to work towards handling themselves in our society.

At Nippersville we endeavour to provide a stimulating environment where each child will feel safe and secure.

Broad Goals
For Children:

  • To value each child’s individuality by building on meaningful and individual relationships with each child by providing opportunity to communicate and be responded to.
  • To develop programs that foster independence and promote self esteem and sense of belonging.
  • To provide a safe and secure environment for all children who attend.
  • To provide a rich learning environment for all children to foster physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional and self help skills for development.
  • To consult children continuously on all appropriate issues relating to them.

At Nippersville we believe the first 5 years of a child’s life is the most important for setting and nurturing their developmental foundations.

For Families:

  • To feel welcome and valued in all aspects of the Centre.
  • To ensure the environment encourages family contributions and participation which is respected & valued at each individual level.

For Staff:

  • For staff, students and volunteers to work towards an environment which is based around mutual respect, teamwork and professionalism.
  • To ensure the environment is conductive to innovation, professional development and encourages each person to maximize their own potential and contribution to the Centre.

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